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Islington College is an autonomous private education institution dedicated to excellent academic performance and student experience. Established in 1996, the college has had nearly a couple of decades long experience in providing quality and industry-ready IT and Business Education to Nepalese students, making it a leading Academic Institution in Nepal. Read more

London Metropolitan University is one of the largest universities in London serving more than 28,000 students. With buildings spread throughout buildings spread throughout the centre of London and around 6,000 overseas students from more than 155 different countries. Read more

ING Group is an investment holding company that focuses on innovating higher education in Nepal by blending international qualifications with local contexts. Read more


Islington College thrives on providing quality education to its students and the Industry expert Lecturers and Tutors have helped the college achieve that. We boast on the diversity of expertise we have as faculties, who have hands-on experience as well as degrees from prestigious universities abroad.

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