Islington Spring Carnival 2024

Islington Spring Carnival 2024!

Published On - June 03, 2024
Islington College

Welcome to the Islington Spring Carnival 2024 – an event celebrating diversity, culture, and community spirit!

This annual celebration, also known as Ethnic Day, is about embracing different cultures and having a blast with your friends. At the heart of the carnival are the awesome outfits. Everyone rocked their ethnic attire, showing off their roots and adding a sense of fashion. It's like a fashion parade with a side of cultural pride.

From the crispy crunch of Smile Nachos to the savory delights of Baji Na Wa - Newari dish, each bite was a taste journey of different cultures. And who could resist Rasilo Momo and Aloo Thukpa? Everything was top-notch.

Now, onto the games! Whether you're a pro or a newbie, there was plenty of fun for everyone at this event like team ball games, 7 up & 7 down, and football challenges. Additionally, Brain Dart added a twist with detective puzzles.

And the best part? The performances! This year, we had Kutumba and Bipul Chhetri & the Travelling Band taking the stage.

Kutumba, with their mesmerising performance, took everyone on a rich journey of Nepali culture. Their music, infused with the soulful sounds of traditional instruments like the Sarangi and Flute, transported the audience to another level. Their performance wasn't just a concert; it was a celebration of identity and belonging, uniting people from different backgrounds.

On the other hand, Bipul Chhetri & The Travelling Band brought a different energy to the stage. With their dynamic blend of folk and contemporary music, they had the crowd grooving to the rhythm of their catchy tunes. Bipul Chhetri's soulful vocals, coupled with the band's energy, created an electrifying atmosphere that had everyone on their feet.

But let's not forget about the real stars of the show – the students! They had put in a ton of effort to make this carnival a success, from setting up stalls to rehearsing for their performances. So let's give them a round of applause for all their hard work.

So as we bid farewell to another fantastic Islington Spring Carnival, let's hold onto the memories and cherish the moments we shared.

Until next year, let the spirit of the Carnival 2024 live on in our hearts!

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