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A tremendously optimistic experience

“One of the highlights on the educational trip to Thailand for me was the Alibaba training which helped me to learn the step by step process on how to grow our business in Alibaba platform and acquired knowledge on how to build and optimize our products page efficiently. With the radiant educational and entertaining experience, the trip was worth visiting. I am really thankful to the college for this wonderful opportunity”

Dechen Wangmo
An unforgettable trip filled with an opportunity to learn and enjoy.

"I was more than happy to get a pretty good response from the audience and the University Professor while participating in the Design thinking course. Moreover, the diverse environment, things that I got to do with my friends were the best."

Saharsha Joshi
Seeking success with a will to persevere

"An exposure to the host of international "Alibaba e-commerce training" at Thailand inspired me to expand the horizon of my knowledge. It was a fun and a learning experience for me where I made new friends, connected with industrialists and widened my capabilities. I honestly believe that it is the extraordinary people at Islington who make it an extraordinary exposure, thus making it destined for success!"

Saurav Lunia
Opportunity to learn business tricks from an global market.

"My experience in the International Exposure Trip was very awe-inspiring, as I got to meet and exchange experience with the students of UTCC, got to indulge in the amazing street foods and market of Thailand all while learning the important tricks and tips to excel in e-commerce platforms like Alibaba."

Rijan Das Shrestha


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