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Islington Spring Carnival 2023

Published On - April 19, 2023
Islington College

The Spring Carnival promised to be a day of entertainment, culture, and celebration and surpassed all expectations! It was specially designed to cater to the interests of students and islington experience. The organisers put considerable effort into selecting a diverse range of performances that would appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes. The carnival brought students together to celebrate music, dance, and culture in an engaging and inclusive atmosphere with diverse performances.

In addition to being an entertainment event, the spring carnival was also an opportunity for attendees to celebrate their cultural heritage by dressing up in traditional ethnic wear. Seeing students from different cultures dressed in colourful ethnic attire made it more exciting.

One of the main highlights of the spring carnival was the student performances. The performances showcased the talent and dedication of the students, who had spent countless hours rehearsing for their chance to shine on stage. The audience was treated to a range of classical and contemporary music, as well as dance performances that left them mesmerised.

The food stalls were a big hit, offering a variety of cuisines that catered to everyone's tastes. The stalls were not only a source of delicious food, but they also provided an opportunity for the students to try new dishes and learn about different cultures.

I had an amazing experience, the atmosphere was buzzing with energy, and I felt great being a part of such a dynamic community. I particularly enjoyed beautiful ethnic wear. The college also hosted a variety of music concerts, games, and food festivals, which added to the already lively environment. Overall, my time at Spring Carnival was unforgettable, and I am grateful for the wonderful experiences and memories I gained there.

Shruti Shrestha, BBA ( Year II )

The spring carnival offered an array of fun and engaging games and activities that challenged teamwork and problem-solving, creating an enjoyable experience for the students.

The Elements were truly a surprise of the carnival, as their unique style of music kept everyone on their feet. Neetesh Jung Kunwar's electrifying set showcased his impressive musical talent and kept the audience captivated. The combination of these two performances made for an unforgettable event that will be remembered by all.

Overall, the carnival was a massive success, providing students with students creating many cherished memories throughout the day. With a wide variety of performances, food, and activities, the event brought the Islington College community together for a day of fun and celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

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