why study graphic design degree

Why study a graphic design degree?

Published On - March 21, 2023
Islington College

Have a passion for art, creativity, illustrations and design? If so then you can study a graphic design degree to pursue further education of interest. From the logos of reputed brands to posters, info graphics and so on. It’s all the magic of “Graphic Designing”. Now, this could be a great opportunity for students as the demand for this profession is highly wanted in the market. Every promotion and field now requires this post of the profession.

Is a graphic design degree a good career?

Graphic design can be a great career choice for people who are creative, have passion for art and technology with imagination. Every industry has a need for design nowadays, graphic design has many opportunities.

On top of that graphic design degree program resides more into academics of design, design philosophy, colour theory, principles of graphic design. Having a graphic design degree can increase chances of getting better jobs, higher positions.

Graphic design career paths

What can you do with graphic design degree? The benefits of studying graphic design includes variety of careers that can be pursued. Here are some common career paths in graphic design:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Web Designer
  3. Brand Identity Designer
  4. Packaging Designer
  5. Art Director
  6. UX Designer
  7. Motion Designer
career path in graphic design

These are just a few of the many career paths available in graphic design. Depending on your interests and skills, you may find that one of these paths is right for you or that you can combine multiple paths to create a unique career.

What skills do you need as a graphic designer?

Being into graphic design requires a blend of technical skills and soft skills. Some technical skills one should have good grasp on such as Typography, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Branding, Designing for Print, Sketch combined with software skills. Besides technical skills and understanding of software, soft skills should be a high priority.

Here is a list of soft skills designers should develop:

Communication: Graphic designers communicate with others by means of graphic elements that compose of different styles, types and fonts, shapes, sizes with colours and shades. Technically we can say graphic design is visual communication that incorporates creative psychology. Designers off and on need to explain a choice of decision to people without a design background. Graphic designers need strong communication and public speaking skills to be able to communicate with clients, listen to their needs and deliver solutions.

Time management: Graphic designers generally work on multiple projects at a time while each project has a specific deadline. Meeting deadlines and developing high quality work ultimately leads to satisfied clients. Effective time management helps designers to deliver work on time and produce standard work. It allows designers to plan and prioritise their work which requires focus and concentration. Proper planning and setting achievable goals, designers can avoid distractions and interruptions.

Versatility: Graphic designing is a versatile field. There are various areas you can specialize in (for instance, illustrations, web designs, animations and so on). This way you have versatile peculiarities to specialize in the course of your niche graphic designing has to provide. It will also assist you to explore different skills.

Creativity boost: Graphic designing is all about turning verbal interpretation into a simplistic processing of those interpretations graphically with the use of shapes, designs and tools. It will help you to boost your creativity with the day-on learning and practical activities provided during classes. This will direct your mind to become clear and open.

Problem-solving skill: As a graphic designer you will have to brainstorm and exemplify your problem-solving skills according to the client’s needs. It requires a combination of creativity and critical thinking skills. This course will facilitate your problem-solving skills through day-to-day practice and theoretical knowledge.

Inner gratification: A feeling of satisfaction when you complete your task on time with all your effort and your creativity is at a different level. Have you ever experienced this? As a graphic designer, you’ll get to showcase your skills and creativity and put in the artistic vision which will enhance your satisfaction.

Graphic designing is one of the much-demanded professions in the market. It is needed in every facet of promotion. This field is a rapidly growing business with high pay for the employees. Career prospects are advertising, branding, digital marketing, publishing, and more.

Pursuing a graphic designing degree is an excellent way to retrieve and develop your artistic abilities, and problem-solving and build up your professional career. This is a growing industry that values creativity and design in practical form. Islington College Kathmandu provides world-class education in BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technologies, and pursuing an undergraduate degree from Islington College can help you unlock your creative potential and propel your career in the multimedia industry. With a strong curriculum, dedicated faculty, and state-of-the- art facilities. Islington College, one of the best college in Nepal, is an excellent choice for students who want to turn their passion for multimedia into a successful career.

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