career service and support at islington college

Career Services and Support at Islington College

Published On - February 19, 2023
Islington College

With over 1000+ graduates every year, Islington College has been developing industry-ready graduates with comprehensive career guidance and mentorships. Islington College has been one of the most prestigious colleges providing the degree in direct partnership with London Metropolitan University. The student learning experience and working environment are university-alike. Islington is known for its strong commitment to providing quality education and extensive career services and support to its students. In this blog, we will discuss the career services and support offered by Islington College to its students.

  1. Career Counselling: Islington College provides personalised counselling sessions to its students. These counselling sessions are designed to help students explore their careers, interest, strength, and aspirations. The counsellors provide guidance and support to students in making informed career decisions that align with their goals and interests. This session will also help them build skills such as communication, interviewing, and networking skills. Whether it’s before enrollment or after getting into college syllabus. Islington College organises various events such as Islington Yatra to provide students with purpose for each academic year of college.

  2. Mentorship: In Islington, ING Skill Academy provides mentorship programs such as training sessions, seminars, panel discussions, and different events that assist students in developing their skills and knowledge.

  3. Internship Opportunities: Islington College offers a wide range of internship opportunities for students. Islington College has a tie-up with 100+ companies where many job placements and internships are provided. These partnerships provide students with hands-on experience in their respective fields which is essential for preparing them for the market. Companies such as Vairav technology; a successful company established by a graduate of Islington provides internship opportunities

  4. Job Placement Support: The graduates of Islington College are also provided with a plus point. The graduates have opportunities to work with ING College and even other tie-up companies. The chances of getting accepted are high due to the learning experiences and the UK education degree of Islington College.

  5. Industry Professional Interaction: Islington College hosts events and seminars providing insights from different industry professionals and understanding the current trends and challenges in their respective fields. It also helps them build their professional network, which can be beneficial for their career growth.

  6. Alumni Network: Islington College has a significant alumni network that provides current students with essential support and guidance. The college conducts events where students can interact with and learn from successful graduates. Students can also find job opportunities and guidance through the alumni network.

In conclusion, Islington College offers comprehensive career services and support to its students, which is essential in preparing them for the market. The college's focus to provide personalised counselling, internship opportunities, job placement support, professional interaction, and alumni networking is a testament to its dedication to producing successful graduates.

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