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Thinking of international degree in Nepal | Its importance

Published On - January 16, 2023
Islington College

Nepalese education has a long and rich history, with roots dating back to the ancient kingdoms of Nepal. However, in recent times, the education system in Nepal has been criticized for being too theoretical and not practical enough. This is due in part to the emphasis on rote memorization and the lack of focus on hands-on, experiential learning. Additionally, some colleges have had issues with outdated curricula, limited access to quality education for certain groups, and a lack of resources too.

However, the students in Nepal do have choices to study for an international degree in their home country. An international degree is a qualification that is recognized and respected around the world. It is typically earned from a university or other higher education institution that is located outside of the student's home country. These degrees are often seen as being more prestigious and valuable than degrees earned from local institutions, as they are recognized globally and demonstrate that the student has gained a level of education that is comparable to that of other students around the world.

Why is an international degree important in Nepal?

Students with international degree in Nepal enables to get better job opportunities. As the international degree and education has flexibility, upgraded education such that students will gain practical knowledge with better curriculum, improved communication skills and cross cultural awareness.

Numerous colleges offer foreign degree in Nepal from various nations. But a lot of students could still question the value of attending this school as they are able to travel overseas and obtain a global degree. Consequently, there are a number of benefits to earning an international degree in Nepal.

  • Access to Quality Education

    Nepal is home to several high-quality universities that offer international degrees in a variety of fields. These institutions often have strong academic programs and are recognized globally for the quality of their education. The pedagogy included more practical-based knowledge rather than theoretical ones. Among many of the colleges offering international degrees, only a few offer L-T-W methods of learning i.e. Lectures, Tutorials and Workshops which are the standard form of international pedagogy of teaching and learning.

  • Cost-Effective

    Studying for an international degree in Nepal can be more cost-effective than studying abroad, as the cost of living in Nepal is generally lower than in other countries. Also, they can earn a foreign degree with their own family in their home country. Additionally, many foreign universities in Nepal also offer scholarships and financial aid to students to help cover the cost of tuition and other expenses.

  • Cultural Immersion

    Nepal is a country with a rich and diverse culture, and studying for an international degree in Nepal can provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and learn about the history, customs, and traditions of the country where their universities are located.

  • Better job opportunities and career prospects

    An international degree can open a new door for a wider range of job opportunities and career prospects for students. These degrees are often seen as being more prestigious and valuable by employers and can give students an advantage when it comes to finding employment after graduation.

  • Research-Based Learning

    Many universities in Nepal offer research-based learning opportunities to their students, which can be an excellent way for students to gain hands-on experience and develop new skills.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    There are many scholarship opportunities available to students studying for an international degree in Nepal, which can help to cover the cost of tuition and other expenses too.

  • International Exposure

    Studying for an international degree in Nepal can provide students with the opportunity to gain exposure to different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a global perspective that can be valuable in a variety of career paths.

  • Earning while studying

    Students are able to earn money while studying by working part-time or taking on internships or other employment opportunities. This can be a great way to offset the cost of tuition and other expenses and gain valuable work experience.

Getting started for international degree provided by Islington College

As mentioned above, there are several colleges which offer international degree in Nepal and Islington College Kathmandu is one of the best IT College in Nepal. At Islington, there are certain criteria for enrollment which you have to fulfill.

Academic level

For students who studied NEB +2,

  • Overall CGPA- 2.2 (55%) or above with each subject D+ (theory and practical) or above
  • English- 2.4 GPA (60%)
  • SEE Mathematics- C+ (50%) or above

For A level students,

  • Minimum of 3.5 credits each with at least a D grade and above
  • Applicants who don't fulfil the English requirements may take these globally recognized tests:
  • Pass General Paper/English Language/IELTS 6/PTE 53
  • *Students not meeting the aforementioned criteria should give certain tests.

Opportunities available with International Degree in Nepal

An international degree can provide a variety of opportunities for individuals both during and after their studies in Nepal. Here are a few examples:

  • Internship opportunities: Many international degree programs offer the opportunity for students to complete internships. These internships can provide valuable work experience and help students develop skills that are in demand by employers.

  • Research opportunities: Many international degree programs may offer the chance for students to participate in research projects either individually or as part of a group. This can provide students with the opportunity to work with experienced researchers, develop new skills and contribute to the field of their study.

  • Career Services: Many international degree programs offer career services like career counselling, networking events, on-campus recruiting, and resume workshops to help students prepare for job searching after graduation.

In a nutshell, the opportunities can make the experience of studying internationally in Nepal more valuable. It is important to research and choose an institution that offers a range of extracurricular and academic opportunities, as well as career services that align with the student's career aspirations.

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