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5 reasons for joining The University Preparation Classes

Published On - September 2, 2022
Islington College

Islington College Kathmandu provides two intakes per year. Every intake, Islington arranges "The University Preparation Classes," which are introductory classes prior to the commencement of the regular one.

Students will feel the university atmosphere for the first time during their bachelor years. As a result, the UPC's primary goal is to inform Islington undergraduates about the university. Students undoubtedly have a lot to study and understand about the campus, and they will do so in practice once the official sessions start.

In advance of the beginning of their undergraduate studies, students study the following critical themes in the UPC:

  1. Academic Misconduct
    1. Plagiarism and Avoiding Plagiarism
    2. The act of using someone else's words or ideas and presenting them as one's own is known as plagiarism. This is one of the biggest mistakes that students make during high school since most students duplicate their friends' work and pass it off as their own which is highly forbidden in universities. As a result, the teacher in the UPC goes into great detail on the many sorts of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

    3. Referencing Method
    4. When we get answers from the internet in high school, we don't make it a practice to credit the author or the source. However, it falls under academic misconduct in a university setting. As a result, students should fully comprehend how to cite sources, which is specifically covered in university preparation classes.

  2. Create a strategy for online research
    1. Broaden a search if you can’t find what you want
      • When to use truncated and wildcard symbols while searching a database
      • How the operator OR affects a search
      • How the operator AND affects a search
      • How the operator NOT affects a search
    2. Proper use of keywords for online search and recording the research Students are expected to learn the following things regarding the recording of the research materials:
      • Log your search terms
      • Save web addresses
      • Bookmark useful websites, log unhelpful ones
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Critical thinking is the capacity to evaluate information and make decisions. Emotional intelligence is exhibited in this way. When the circumstance calls for it, someone with strong critical thinking abilities can do so. It makes it possible for them to make decisions and solve problems more successfully.

    Students are therefore necessitated to learn about the following aspects of it:

    • Benefits and Barriers to Critical Thinking
    • Reasoning
    • Searching and Using Evidence- What you need with your computer for an online search: A web browser and research tools.
    • Source Type and Evaluation- Students will be able to evaluate sources from which they should take out the information, and whether the source from the internet is valid and authentic or not.
  5. Acing the report
  6. One should correctly understand the university standards if they are an undergraduate. If you write the right information, including acknowledgments, but fail to properly document the report or any academic work you accomplish, there is no value.

    As a result, students acquire the following concepts at the UPC by academic requirements on how to ace the report:

    • Planning for Writing
    • Effective Reading and Note Taking
    • Paraphrasing and summarising
    • Writing Structures and Format
    • How to create powerful paragraphs
  7. Enhance Presentation Skills
    • Structure of Presentation- The presentation structure, including headers, paragraphs, and typefaces, is well-taught.
    • Effective Presentation Methods- How to deliver powerful presentations without being nervous is taught.
  8. Other skills:
  9. Other skills are taught and put into practice at the UPC in addition to the five primary reasons, which will aid students in growing even more.

    • Developing interpersonal skills
    • People who have high verbal and nonverbal communication abilities are frequently seen as being excellent with others. These abilities are crucial for success, whether they are applied in the workplace or one's personal life. Students learn these abilities as well as how they improve.

    • Categorising Information
    • Students will acquire an understanding of where to look for internet resources and where not to look.

    • Finding and using articles in library databases
    • There are numerous websites where students may access the many papers they require using the college email addresses. Additionally, email accounts offered by universities and colleges also provide access to e-books and e-libraries. Students will therefore be able to discover appropriate subject databases.

All of the aforementioned information is taught to Islington College undergraduates before the initiation of official classes which undoubtedly aids in their personal and professional development.

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