Islington College - Spring Carnival 2022

Published On - April 26, 2022
Islington College

After two years of holding off the biggest event of the Islington College, the college celebrated its iconic Spring Carnival this year, bigger and better than ever. Tensions were running high among the organisers and a lot of work was put into place to make the event run smoothly with almost two years of planning, everything fell into place as smoothly as it could and the crowd loved the event.

The event was kicked off with a very elegant performance by Tilasmi Prajapati who played Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s Hataarindai Bataasindai on the flute after the opening ceremony. 24 other performances were lined up for the day after this before our Spring Carnival’s grand finale.

The weather was great, maybe a bit too sunny but the heat did not stop the crowd from dancing and singing along to the performances. Additionally, a lot of our students could be seen relishing the ice-cold foods such as Kulfi and Ice Cream from the food stalls.

There were a variety of food stalls all put up by our students for the crowd to enjoy. From Pani Puri to authentic Sri Lankan sweets, a range of delicacies were available to eat.

Along with the food stalls, there were many game stalls where one could test their skills and unleash their inner gamer. All of them were simple to learn but hard to master, and students could be seen fully immersed in trying to secure a victory.

There were masses of people in games like scoring a goal, fishing a hoop on a bottle and one of the most classic ones; the game where one has to drop a tower of cans by hitting it with a ball. People were greatly invested in these games and a competitive aura was being established among friends.

Two iconic photo booths were erected for the sole purpose of capturing many memorable moments in the Carnival.”

One of them was a giant arch decorated with origami and this marvellous architecture stood tall in front of the food stalls almost as a majestic gate. The other photo booth was a hand-painted view of cherry blossoms also by our students depicting spring tide on a large canvas that took almost 18 hours.

This was one of the most popular attractions and almost everyone’s social media feed exploded with photos clicked in front of here.

Moving back to the performances, all of them were stunning but some were very memorable. The group who danced to Psy’s song Gentleman was charismatic and wowed the crowd. Two bands each performing Khaseka Tara and Mercedez Benz stood out according to the onlookers and the series of dances to Bollywood songs were well-choreographed and some old songs inspired a hint of nostalgia.

After all the performances from the students, the most awaited moment of this year’s Spring Carnival had arrived. The sun was almost down and the heat had settled.

“The crowd became more fired up than ever before as our Carnival’s guest star, Deepak Bajracharya and his Rythm Band finally set on to the stage. “

His energy and stage presence was off the charts, the crowd went wild and were all vibing to his songs. His daughter who is also a member of the Islington family performed with him showing their family chemistry. As the sky darkened and smoke machines fired, a Lakhey and various other performers entered the stage to further electrify his performance. The excitement only grew and the event had finally reached its climax.

The event was a huge success and many great memories were made among the current students of Islington College. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the day and is most probably already looking forward to the next year’s Spring Carnival.

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