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International Business Consultant

Published On - September 29, 2022
Islington College

The ‘International Business Consultant’ Poster Presentation Program was successfully carried out by Islington College. The final-year business students were given industry from a particular developing nation for this event, and they had to convince potential investors to invest in their sector.

The event gave the college a sense of aspiration toward the world. Each group tried to make a pleasant and respectful attempt to capture the historic and cultural attractions of their nation. Furthermore, this event was organized following the London Metropolitan University style, where students display their native food at poster presentation stalls while dressing in the national costumes of the selected countries.

This event was a part of their assessment of the module “Business Without Frontiers”. Along with a thorough examination and recommendations of the chosen market, they provided evidence and analysis of research into the chosen developing market.

Their poster presentations covered a wide range of topics, including specialized market research, monetary policy, corporate ethics, PESTLE analysis, trading blocs, and much more.

All of the students had the opportunity to investigate and learn about the global market and how to present ideas and create a comprehensive business plan. With the right amount of teamwork and effort, they all accomplished a fantastic job.

The visitors to their table were asked to write on a note they provided about whether or not they would invest in the specific industry as they presented their arguments. Since the students conducted both exploratory research and market explanations, this event was extremely beneficial for those who wish to launch their businesses both domestically and abroad.

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