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Islington Expo 2022

Published On - September 1, 2022
Islington College
Islington College Expo

The Islington Expo 2022 was a one-of-a-kind event that took place on the grounds of Islington College packed with educational opportunities for students to indulge in. The expo was organised for +2 graduate students interested in the fields of Business and IT.

This Expo featured a variety of stalls and booths with live demonstrations for Business and IT courses.

Everyone has the aptitude for innovation and creativity, which are regarded as key skills for starting or operating a business. This was the fundamental message of the "I am an Entrepreneur" stall for business students. Participants were introduced to the world of innovation, growth, and its repercussions to assist them in developing this competence.

Furthermore, web design is considered one of the most crucial skill sets in the tech and business fields for IT students since the website reflects brand recognition. In the "I am a Programmer" stall, students got a taste of what it's like to work as a developer. There were several other IT-related stalls like, "I am an Ethical Hacker," "I am an AI Developer," and so on which aided students on how to safeguard the data and communicate with others across a network.

All the booths were according to the specialisation courses provided by the Islington College Kathmandu where students explored every booth, experienced several live demonstrations and participated with full of enthusiasm in workshops too. The fun-filled activities during the workshops allowed participants to gain profound knowledge regarding their academics and future.

Educational Expo in Nepal

The Islington Expo's originality was praised by many participants. Alongside, all agreed that it was an educational experience with fun and memories. Many participants were seen engaging in numerous activities and thoroughly enjoyed all that Islington had planned for them.

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