About Islington College

Islington College is a modern and practical education based college dedicated to excellent academic performance and student experience. Established in 1996, the college has had nearly a couple of decades long experience in providing quality and industry-ready IT and Business. Islington college aims to deliver an exceptional overseas degree programmes through partnership with established international universities and institutions from UK and Singapore. Islington College has been making a significant contribution to society-locally, nationally and internationally. The extensive approach in making an access for affordable higher education and providing learning experience beyond textbooks and classrooms has been developed to serve these principles.

Being an institution with a long history, Islington College has developed many leaders and entrepreneurs. It assures that every student is technically competent and are possessed with all the necessary skills that an individual requires to achieve success. The updated courses and skills cultured shall help students to develop ideas that benefit society. Students are guided throughout their journey in terms of maximizing potentiality and fulfilling ambitions.