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Work Related Learning

Published On - February 20, 2023
Islington College

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WRL is also known as Work-Related-Learning where a student gets to experience work while they’re pursuing their academics. It is a form of education and training that focuses on practical, industry-based applications of knowledge and skills. WRL helps students to gain different skills and knowledge according to the course they study. It is an integration of work experiences in education. Usually, in WRL, work is provided by the educational institutions themselves to the student. In certain cases, a student may need to search by themselves. It provides students with exposure to industry, professionals, processes, and standards. The following are the benefits a student will gain through WRL.

Hand-on experience:

Practical learning makes a student understand the topic better. In WRL, a student gets to implement the knowledge they’ve learned in their classrooms. This way a student can acquire through experience and build confidence. The student will gain an enhanced understanding of industry standards and practices and will be able to work according to those standards.

Opportunities for career development:

WRL will assist in developing various skills and knowledge in an expert environment. This will help them to build credence regarding their career. The experience of the working environment will provide them with tons of opportunities. WRL programs are designed to help students prepare for careers in their fields of study.

Improved employability and job readiness:

Most often, many companies of different sectors will hire people who have work experience. Through WRL, a student will have a greater opportunity to get selected in a specific industry. The employability of the student will be high. Also, the student will be ready to face any challenge in the job. It makes a student become flexible and adaptable to the industry’s needs and standards.

Collaboration with employers and industry professionals:

WRL also brings in an opportunity for the student to build a greater network and relationship with industry professionals. This will help them to build a better reputation, increase their visibility, improve their personal growth, and create more impactful connections which will support them in the future.

Self and career exploration:

The students will be able to explore their potential through self-reflection on professional as well as personal growth. This will enable them to understand what they can do better and how they can improve.

Personalised learning and assessment methods:

WRL provides hands-on experience with learning. This will advocate the student to become more practical. They will need to abide by the rules and regulations, also they will get to personalise their learning method to comply with their assessments.

Work Related Learning
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