Set yourself apart with one of the most dynamic and globally accepted higher secondary programmes made even better with Islington’s class-leading experience in delivering academic excellence.

The Most Successful
Education Experience

Only Islington offers a learning experience that helps you understand and implement concepts rather than just absorbing facts.  The vibrant lifestyle at Islington becomes more prominent with the arrival of various calendar events highlighted by festivals and achievement ceremonies.

Shared Global Opportunities
within the ING Ecosystem

ING connects graduates with exciting career opportunities at over 20 companies across various industries where they can leverage their skills and make a real impact.

For the first time in Nepal, introducing Advanced Pedagogy with Problem-Based Learning for A Level

At Islington, we use Problem-Based Learning (PBL) with mySecondTeacher (MST) integration. This exciting approach presents you with real-world challenges to solve with classmates, brainstorm ideas, and develop critical thinking skills that will make you a confident and capable problem-solver.

Full time study with full
time teachers

The most academically proficient group of individuals with major academic and teaching accolades under their belt, Islington A Level faculty harbours some of the most sought-after

Experience the
‘Gold Standard’ qualification - Cambridge A LevelLevel

Cambridge Advanced Level (A Level) qualification, often referred to as the ‘Gold Standard,’ is designed for academically-inclined students and is esteemed for its rigorous curriculum that prepares them for higher education, acting as a universal springboard. This prestigious qualification is universally recognised by universities worldwide for its rigorous curriculum, ensuring a smooth transition to your chosen field of study.

Our Course

Start your Islington Yatra! Fuel your passion by choosing your areas of interest to take complete advantage of Islington A level.


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • English General Paper

Career Pathways you can take

Doctor Engineer Scientist Nutritionist Geologist many more...


  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Business Studies*
  • Computer Science
  • English General Paper

Career Pathways you can take

Entrepreneur Economist Researcher Manager Software Engineer many more...


Non-Science overall GPA: 1.60 or above

Minimum Subject Grade: (Social, Maths, Science, English and Nepali: D+)

Science overall GPA: 2.0 or above

Minimum Subject Grade: (Maths, Science: C+, Social, English and Nepali: D+)


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