Talk Show on GOT

2017-07-19 02:00 PM
2017-07-19 03:00 PM

The show featuring props, costumes and set decorations from the hit HBO show, as well as various immersive and interactive exhibits. Portraying the recreation of Westeros and Essos including locales like King’s Landing, the North, the conquered city of Maureen, the House of Black and White, Castle Black, the lands Beyond the Wall and, of course, the Iron Throne Room. Who wouldn’t be interested to talk about this intriguing series?

On 19 July 2017, a team from Republica visited Islington college to host a talk programme on Game of Thrones. There were 10 students from BBA and BIT participating for this programme. There was an argument apprehended on each participants’ opinion about Game of Thrones. Students were excited and all geared up to share their perception about this show. There were various questions raised throughout the programme. Students were questioned about the possibilities on such level of series to be created by the Nepalese film industry. Adding to that, these participants were also asked about the favourite or not so favourite characters from GOT. They were being asked for the reasons on watching this series. It was a fun interaction which continued with laughter and lots of debate.

This was a stimulating talk show held within the premises of Islington College on mid of July. Since, winter is coming.


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