Spring Carnival

2016-04-12 10:00 AM
2016-04-12 05:00 PM

No one is too old for an excitement. In order to create an anticipation and exposure to every students’ aptitude “Spring Carnival” is organized every year. This carnival is one of the grand festival organized under Islington college premises. It is also a vital date among every Islington students’ diary.

This carnival has never failed to carve memories among our students. Since, there are various dance programs, musical events performed by our students. Adding to that, the main highlight of the event begins, as the most prestigious and renowned celebrity shares the stage showcasing their best performance. Until now, Spring carnival has been featured by the famous band Adrian Pradhan and Frendz, 1974 AD and many more. The fun does not limit here. The program is continued with lots of exciting games, comedies, beatboxing and face paintings. On this special event, our students and faculty members are implored to value their presence in their preferred ethnic/cultural dresses. This is for a reminder that our cultural aspect is the one that comes with a great story. Its heritage has within it variations of its music and dance, art, and its folktales. The different ethnic, tribal, and social standards of Nepalese people living in the different districts that has helped to expand languages, literature, and religion among themselves.

The carnival is later followed by the award distributing ceremony. Not to overlook, there are various food stalls with mouth-watering sustenance available around the corners. You can find students and lecturers sharing their interests and enjoying their moment to the fullest.

Islington College never fails to fulfill their promises, when it comes to transforming a shy high school graduate to an all-rounder.

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