Islington Aspire Event

2017-03-03 09:00 AM
2017-03-24 05:00 PM

A moment captured from Day in Britain.

As the term clarifies, the aspire event is held annually directing ambitions and enhancing growth among students. This event is solely organised by BBA and BIT students themselves, which is conducted under supervision of faculty members. The ultimate motive of this event is to transform management into practical scenario. Various topics are covered in this event like entrepreneurship, marketing, business strategy, finance and many more. This event is mainly organized for an exposure to the overall students from the business world. Here, the students are provided with a platform to develop their abilities outside of their comfort zone. Aspire targets to provide learning and networking opportunities within their peers confirming to create a recreational yet educational escape to students.

There are various other activities structured under this event. Aspire 2016 was a month long event and series like business hustle, brand snap, biz buzz, wealth olympics, devil in the business suit, ideas to the world and a Day in Britain was organised. Business hustle was set where a group of Students had to deal with a range of questions from both national and international level. This was examined to test an individual’s IQ level. Similarly, brand snap was dedicated for students where they had to make a group and had to demonstrate their skills with selfies using an available product or services to develop an advertisement of the product/ service. Adding to that, biz buzz was organized where students were required to create their own buzz with an appealing short video. This was judged by students’ capability to stack up with the current moving trends of the real world. Likewise, wealth Olympics was a stock trading event where students were required to burn the night lamps to make billions in a simulated trading environment. They also had to play with real-time stocks and experience real world stock market scenario of ups and downs of the riskiest stocks. Also, devil in the business suit was organized where students were provided with on-spot cases related to some critical situations. They had to use their strong decision making ability and patience, they were required to provide a solution to the problems. Similarly, the second last event was ideas to the world. Here, students had to visualize and capitalize on today’s opportunities. Students had to come with a business idea representing business culture globally. Lastly, students had organized a day in Britain program where students had demonstrated various elements of British Culture. Each group were assigned to a different sector which helped to enhance the knowledge base of the audiences towards a specific culture in depth rather than various culture generally.

Since, change is good; there are more exciting ideas and events build along with the idea in the process of generating the best of Aspire.
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