Islington College bags the Winners Trophy at Daraz Championship Case Study

2017-07-15 12:00 AM
2017-07-22 12:00 AM

Winners of DCCS – Sudip Babu Kasaju, Rasila Shrestha & Pranay Agarwal


Daraz Championship Case Study is a competition that was held on 22nd July 2017. Here, young and learning enthusiastic group of undergraduate and graduate level business students were given a platform to test their understanding of working on the given solutions or case study. This competition was designed to bring out the best in an individual and provide opportunities to showcase one’s abilities and explore their full potential.

The DCCS boasted a lucrative prize for the participants. The winners of this event would be awarded with Rs. 100,000 cash prize while the runners-up would receive Rs. 50,000 and the second-runners with Rs. 25000. 18 Colleges had participated on this competition. The program was categorized in 2 rounds i.e. Preliminary round that was held at Ace Institute of management and final round being held at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbar Marg.

Students were given a research based case study solely focused on “Realistic Business Situation”. There were BBA and MBA students representing their particular colleges. Three of the BBA students from Islington College had participated in this competition. On the finales, their task was to develop a full Business Plan. Since, MBA students had participated in this event, it was quite a challenge for our BBA scholars to take a lead. Our students were qualified for the Finals with 5 other MBA representing colleges. As they were presenting their slides, it could clearly be noticed the manner they were grabbing attention of all the audience. Their hard work and their dedication could be portrayed on their slides. With no surprise, our BBA students from Islington College earned the Winning Position from the entire event. They were awarded with a stunning trophy and a cheque worth Rs. 100,000. MBA students from Kantipur Valley College grabbed 1st Runner Up and other MBA students from Ace Institute of Management grabbed the 2nd Runner Up title.

This was definitely a tough competition but since, they were not taught to study because they need to. They were taught that knowledge is power and they were asked to study because no one can ever take it away. Study because of curiosity. Study because it enhances. Study because it helps to grow.
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Islington College Wins Daraz Championship Case Study Competition 2017