Blog: Islington students at UTCC, Thailand, for student exchange programme

12:00 AM
12:00 AM

1st week in Bangkok

It was our first time we came this far from home in a land we’re unknown about with nervousness, excitement and lots of curiosity.  The moment we got on the plane we knew flying high in the sky is our one more step to reaching our goal, though we were in the middle isle. Anyways, we had yummy food on the plane and we watched amazing movies and the moment we landed we could see this city sparkling even when the skies were gloomy. Walking over to the immigration section was almost 6 kilometers (No, I’m just joking but it felt like that because it was that huge!). When we met Kelvin Sir welcoming us, we were finally calm and ready to get to our apartment.

After the travel when we reached our apartment, it felt kind of small compared to the pictures but we were so excited that we were ready make this our HOME for two months. Everything in the apartment we live in is beautiful except for the tuk tuk ride which we thought would take us around is just for short term guests. The lobby has been our favorite place to study while the swimming pool has been our key medicine after a tiring day and the roof top, our favorite place to look up in the sky and miss home.

After 2 days of weekend, it was finally our day to explore our university. We called an uber and like an independent folks, we went to UTCC by ourselves (we are still patting on our back for that) but still Kelvin Sir was the one who guided us through the university. Our instructor Miss Tee and Miss Nice or in Thai language, Khru Tee and Khru Nice welcomed us with big smiles and instructed us about everything we have to do.  The university was huge with tall and big buildings. The first day was amazing and the classes were fun even when we missed 3 days of it, the teachers were kind to repeat the course for us. After brief exploration, Kelvin Sir was kind enough to take us all for amazing lunch and even amazing dessert.

This past week has been very exciting. We have explored many food chains, roamed many streets and we all learned a lot about each other like how Komal is amazing at swimming but very bad in washing dishes (now he has aced that as well), Supriya very bad at swimming but how yummy she cooks, Preetha always getting lost but how early learnt the way back home and Sanjay a mobile geek but an amazing at washing dishes. Jokes apart, we’re away from home but somehow we have managed to make it a homely environment.  Komal and Preetha were successful enough to be elected as Assitant Professors for Dr. Davorin from Slovakia for International Business. Every one of us are looking forward to leaving some mark before we leave this place.