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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Difference between BSc.IT and BIT ?

A: In some cases, the difference between BSc.IT and BIT is that BSc.IT undergraduates are expected to concentrate on the scientific aspects of computing and the technologies required excelling in IT field. BIT concentrates on the business and communication aspects of computing and technology where undergraduates are expected to read subjects like economics and management related subjects. Islington College offers IT Bachelor's programmes awarded by London Metropolitan University (LondonMet) in Nepal. It covers beyond the general aspects of BSc.IT and BIT mentioned and the college offers 3 different specialisations: 1) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing; 2) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Networking and IT Security; 3) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Multimedia Technologies. The 3 different specilisation allow graduates to excel in specific areas in IT industry where different knowledge and skills are required for specific job requirements.

Q:Can I transfer my credits to study a Master degree in UK or USA?

A: This is definitely possible as your degree is awarded directly by an internationally recognised University – London Metropolitan University (LondonMet). LondonMet was granted accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in USA since 2007. The same accreditations are given to top universities like Princeton, John Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell and New York University. You are also required to meet the Masters programme's entry requirements set by the University of your choice and all the study visas required by the respective country.

Q:Can I transfer my credits from another related programme to continue with LondonMet's programme in Islington College?

A: Yes and it is subjected to the official evaluation and approval on the completed credits by LondonMet. You are also expected to produce evidence of your English Language Proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English or equivalence). Feel free to contact our college admission office for more assistance as we believe that everyone deserves a good chance to earn a quality degree qualification in Nepal.

Q:Will I be able to afford the Fees?

A: Education is an investment in your future employment career. It should not be viewed as an expense or cost because there is clear evidence that better qualifications lead to better career prospect with better salary. However, paying for your studies is not always easy and we have catered for installments repayment scheme and academic performance scholarship for all qualified students.

Q:What do the fees include?

A: The fees comprised of University Fees, Tuition Fees and Examination Fees. Study Guides and Student Handbook will be supplied to all students. The college will also provide core textbooks in our library for borrowing on a first come first served basis. Students will also be able to enjoy all facilities provided by the college to ensure a delightful learning experience. This includes the usage of computer lab, Wi-Fi services within the college and all other recreational facilities. Students will also be able to access to the University's e-resources including e-books and journals enjoyed by all students of London Metropolitan University.

Q:When does the programme starts and when is the examination?

A: Islington College follows London Metropolitan University's academic calendar adopting a 2-semestral system. All semester will start in every September and February and the examinations will be held on January and May respectively.

Q:How long does the degree programme takes?

A: It depends on students entry qualifications. Students who possessed good HSEB/A level results (please refer to the entry requirements) will be exempted from the Yr 0 (Foundation Year) and will normally take 3 years to complete the programme.

Q:I would like to work part-time while I am studying, how will I find the time?

A: We strongly encourage you to stay focus on your programme as the curriculum from UK is very rigorous and requires you to work hard on your studies. The college is providing all the necessary teaching resources and facilities to ensure that your stay in the college is a fruitful and enjoyable one.

Q:Who will teach the lessons?

A: All lectures will be conducted by Lecturers approved by the University. The minimum requirements of our lecturers have a Masters qualifications and above and they possessed significant academic knowledge and industrial experience.

Q:Is the qualification the same as which the University students received in UK?

A: Yes, the Curriculum, course content and assessments are the same as offered in UK so there is no distinction on the qualification. In fact, students can choose to complete their program in London Metropolitan University by transferring the completed modules in Nepal as the same programme is concurrently running in London.

Q:Is there a graduation ceremony?

A: You will be invited to a formal graduation ceremony held in London Metropolitan University with the on-campus students in London. For students who cannot make the trip to UK, a graduation ceremony will also be held in Nepal to commemorate on your completion of your well-deserved Bachelor's degree.

Q:Will I be able to succeed?

A: We believe your success is ours too. Our experienced and friendly programme advisors and academic staffs will assist you through the application process to ensure you enrol onto the right programme. Motivation, discipline, time management and organisation combined with quality study materials and superior academic/student support throughout your studies are key to your success.

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